Design and Technology

Design Technology


Design and Technology provides all pupils with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding by: 

  • Designing their own products 
  • Making their products come to life 
  • Evaluating their functional product   

From doing this, the pupils at Dukesgate Academy will gain:  

  • Practical life skills 
  • Relevant, progressive knowledge of their own designs  
  • Appreciate the work of a range of craftspeople in the world in which we live in 
  • Encourage their creativity and innovation through design 

Our curriculum is design to embed core disciplinary knowledge, and the ability to approach challenging, design questions  

  • Marking out and cutting skills  
  • Fixing and joining skills  
  • Mechanical and control skills  
  • Finishing skills, including food hygiene  
  • Related language skills 

Click below to see the United Learning Design and Technology Curriculum: